Steve Gootgeld


Ceramic and Mixed Media

Steve's internationally award-winning, one-of-a-kind ceramic sculpture is precision crafted by hand and fired several times to create his layered glaze effects he is known for. All of his sculpture reflects his theme of "Thought Into Form" from his ideas and statements based on Quantum Physics, Quantum Entanglement and Spirituality. The Agent of Change: Thought Into Form project was inspired by his art creations. Pieces are available as indicated.


All available work can be purchased by contacting Copper Moon Gallery in Taos, New  Mexico. Call Diana Miller at 575-758-8833 or email the gallery at     You may also use the contact page to communicate directly with Steve's studio. Complimentary professional shipping to the 48 states until January 15, 2018.




Professional Voice Over and Audio Production Services


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